Range of O/W self-emulsifying bases:
simultaneously emulsifier and consistency factor.
Can be used from fluid to very thick emulsions.
ProdhyCreme® 013 / ProdhyCreme® 015
Natural version available: ProdhyCreme® CE
Range of non-ionic O/W self-emulsifying blends.
Mainly fatty alcohols blends.
Range of O/W emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers.
Anionic and non-ionic systems.


Fatty AcidsHydrobase®Lactabase®
Strong consistency factors with high melting point.
Palmitic acid / Stearic acid
Selection of hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated vegetable oils with melting point from 25°C to 85°C.
Range of long chain esters derived from lactic acid with melting point form 25°C to 40°C.
Prodhygel®Prodhysoft® AbkVegetal Butters
Thickeners/gelifying agents for aqueous phase.
ProdhyGel® CG : carrageenan
ProdhyGel® XT : xanthan gum
ProdhyGel® SC : sodium carbomer
Biosourced and sustainable allanblackia butter with dry and non-shiny skinfeel. Ideal for O/W and W/O emulsions and lipsticks.
Original and/or exotic vegetal butters (mamey, mango, murumuru, shea, shorea, cocoa…)
Prodhysens®WaxesFatty Alcohols
Range of delicate plant macerations in oily complex to offer non-hydrogenated natural floral butters. Can act as consistency factor and plant active ingredient
Vegetal waxes (carnauba, candelilla, orange peel, rose, beeswax) and mineral wax (ozokerite)
Medium melting point, ideal to thick and stabilize emulsions.
Can also be used as co-emulsifier.
Ceto stearyl alcohol 50.50 / Cetyl alcohol
Prodhyrouge® 2000
Clever blend of waxy fatty substances essential for the development of lipstick with no sign of exudation.
Neutral color, flavorless, odor-free


Monopropylene glycol végétalSorbitol 70%Prodhysolve® RS
Ideal as solvent. Can be used as glycerin substitute to decrease stickiness in emulsions, lotions and deodorants
Moisturizing enhancer (N.M.F. component)
Palm free glycerin from Colza
Powerful humectant
Vegetable Hydrogenated Oils
Hydrosoluble lipid layer enhancer ideal for shower gels and shampoos.
Can also be used for tonics, serums and emulsions
(apricot kernel, argan, avocado, camellia, coconut, cotton, macadamia, pistachio, safflower,…)


Esters & Fatty AlcoholsVegetable OilsSqualane V (olive)
Selection of different esters & fatty alcohols
IPP / IPM / Myristyl myristate / oleyl alcohol / ProdhyPhore® CST (cetearyl ethylhexanoate) /…
Wide choice of vegetable oils, standard, original, exotic… (avocado, sweet almond, baobab, black castor, buriti, cotton, kukui, abyssinia, mirabelle plum, marula, olive, pistachio, pomegranate, tamanu, balanites, prickly pear, etc.)
Silky and non greasy skinfeel. High affinity with skin and hair. Excellent to restore lipid barrier and protect skin and hair from dehydration
Lipstick SpecialtiesMineral Oils
Solutions for texture, emollience, shine and pigments dispersion.
Cetyl ricinoleate: excellent shine & consistency factor
Glyceryl abietate: glossy finish and color enhancement
ProdhySolve®: remarkable emollience
Ricino-cetyl®: excellent shine and pigments dispersion agent
Occlusives film former helping to protect skin and keep it moisturized. Can also be used as pigments solubilizers
Paraffin oil / Vaseline oil / White vaseline

Specialities & Others

Acids & BasesChargesSensory Agents
Neutralizer agents.
Acide citrique / Mono-ethanolamine / Acide tartrique / Trolamine
Argiles: absorbing charges (white, red, green, pink, yellow, kaolin and ghassoul available)
Pearl concept®: micronized pearl providing velvety smooth silky finish.
Zinc stearate: Absorbing charge
Camphor: Heating agent
Frigydil® / Frigydil® Hydro: Cooling agent
Menthol crystal ou liquide : Cooling agent
Nicotinate de méthyle : Warming agent
Mechanical Exfoliating AgentsFoaming SpecialtiesSun Filters
Exfoliating fruits powders: apricot kernels, plum kernels, raspberry…
Vegetal charcoal powder
Hydrophore® 312: Foam booster and essential oil solubilizer
ProdhyBase® ET: Opacifier / pearlescent agent
ProdhyTriet® 99 / TEA palmitate: Surfactants for shaving foams and shaving gels
Organic (Heliosol® range) and mineral (Titanium dioxide) UVB Filter
Active ingredients carriers, hydrophile solvent and solubilizers
Cellulinol® / PEG-1500 / PEG-300 / PEG-400


Organic AcidsProdhyseptine®Parabens Range
Organic salts
Potassium sorbate / Sodium benzoate
Wide spectrum preservatives
ProdhySeptine® P : phenoxyethanol
ProdhySeptine® SCD : phenoxyethanol + glycols
ProdhySeptine® XB : phenoxyethanol + parabens
Parabens and sodium parabens



Facteur Hydratant SBLinoléate de tocopherol
Water-soluble moisturizing active containing characteristic molecules of original NMF
Liposoluble molecular complex, exceptional source of Vitamin E and Vitamin F, providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Ideal for sensitive and atopic skin

Anti-aging agent

Prodhyderm XPP CE
Oak heart wood extract, concentrated in polyphenols, offering overall action by fighting against photo-induced aging and oxidative stress while visibly improving wrinkle depth

Energizing system

Prodhygem® O2
French blackcurrant buds extract providing necessary skin energizing and oxygenating properties

Sliming & firming

Kigeline®Pam Extract®Prodhygem® FIT
Skin tensor extract of Kigelia africana containing exceptional quantity of flavonoids, with veinotonic and vascular protective properties, and steroidic saponosides, with hormone-like effect
Grapefruit seeds extract containing flavonoids that promote lipolysis, by activating lipases and inhibiting phosphodiesterases, inducing visible and measured slimming action
Chestnut and horse chestnut buds extract improving skin firmness, reducing orange peel appearance and decreasing severity of cellulite

Purifying & peeling systems

AstringolPam Extract®Titrated AHAs
Non irritant astringent active, perfect solution for anti-perspirants. Easier to use than alumine chloride
Grapefruit seeds extract providing sebum regulating effect (reduction of spots and blackheads). Ideal for greasy skin
Fruit-based peel composed with juicy fruits, well known for their outstanding composition in alpha hydrdroxy acids, combined with chemical acids
Salicylic AcidUREA 46% (use level > 5%)
Chemical exfoliating
Keratolytic agent helping to remove scales and dead skin cells and improving corneocyte turnover. Ideal for extra dry and atopic skin

Whitening & lightening

Prodhywhite® concentreSohakuhi® BG
Blend of mulberry, liquorice, baikal skullcap and bearberry extract, having strong action on tyrosinase inhibition for a porcelain fair skin
White mulberry root bark extract acting directly on the source of cutaneous colouration, by tyrosinase inhibition thanks to phenyl flavones, for a lighter and more even skin

Soothing agents

Pam Extract®Allantoin
Grapefruit seeds extract providing reduction, even inhibition, of inflammatory reaction
Soothing and anti-irritant agent by regulating anti-inflammatory process. Also well-known as healing and repairing agent for sensitive and damaged skins.

Plant extracts


Aromatic watersFloral watersVegetal waters
Mix of aroma into water
Steamed distillation
Mix of floral water with glycolic solvent.


Hydroglycolic (50/50) maceration of one plant
Oily maceration of one or several plants.
Macération sur solvant hydroglycolique d'un mélange de plantes soigneusement sélectionnées pour un maximum de synergie de leurs principes actifs. (Disponible en version Bio)
 Anti-rides / Amincissant / Jambes lourdes / Peaux grasses / Traitement capillaire /…
Vegetal extract BG / PGProdhyderm®Prodhypur®
Butylene glycol or Propylene glycol maceration of one or several plants
Hydroglycerine (80/20) maceration of one or several plants
Hydroglycerine (20/80) maceration of one or several plants.

Prodhybio® - Organic range

Prodhybios® EAProdhybios® EAGProdhybios® EF
Water maceration of one or several plants
Hydroglycerine (90/10) maceration of one or several plants.
Steamed distillation
Prodhybio® EGWProdhybio® MH
Hydroglycerine (20/80) maceration of one or several plants
Oily maceration of one or several plants

Distribution range

Thanks to 70 years of expertise, we are creating strong links with leading partners.
The following companies entrust to PROD’HYG the distribution of their products in France.
Oily components / Emollients
Fatty Acid Alkanol amides / Amine Oxide / Specialties
Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols / Ethoxylated Fatty Acids / Ethoxylated Glycerides / Esters / Emulsifiers /Giving Factors and Solubilizers
Ethoxylated Fatty Amines
Polyethylene glycols
Sorbitan Fatty Acid Esters / Polysorbates
Cationic Surfactants
Fatty Alcohols
Phosphoric Esters
Anionic and Amphoteric Surfactants
Rheology Modifiers
Pearlshine Agents
Lactic acids range & Salts of acid lactic range
Strong synergy between apo-lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and superoxide dismutase to protect skin against oxidative stress
Bio-degradable resin particles derived from renewable resources designed for skin exfoliation
Esters of acid lactic used as biosolvents, substitutes of traditional solvents
Mineral salts of acid lactic (Al, Mg, Zn)
Desert King International
Inca Oil
Purified Quillaja saponaria extract, Organic certified surfactant (powder)
Concentrated natural extract of the Mohave Yucca Plant (spray dried powder)
Jojoba oil
Organic certified Jojoba oil
Decolorized Jojoba oil
Organic certified decolorized Jojoba oil
Natural exfoliating beads of Jojoba

1, 2, 3... formulate!

Le laboratoire de Formulation de PROD'HYG accompagne ses clients en développant
de nouveaux concepts source d'inspiration. Les COSME'kits de PROD'HYG sont
conçus pour aider les formulateurs dans leur démarche de création de formules
stables et originales.
Pure natural way
Pure natural way
Though as a specific products line, Pure natural way is THE essential detox program!

New cosmetic ally, the charcoal became the inescapable detox ingredient! 100% natural and plant derived, recognized for its cleaning and purifying properties, thus it was obvious to find it as principal ingredient of the Pure natural way program.
My asian pretty routine
My asian pretty routine
The new formulation concept inspired from Asian layering.

From a gentle cleansing to a skin protection, while including a strengthened moisturization, the LAYERING METHOD ensures a radiant and healthy-looking by applying several products with different claims in layers.