Originally used for the manufacture of soaps, oleochemistry is the science of physico-chemical transformations applied to oils and fats. It is used today in different areas of the agrifood, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.

With 70 years of expertise in the cosmetics industry, PROD’HYG develops, produces and markets original and effective ingredients. We seek solutions tailored to meet the challenges of the 21st century, while also respecting the workplace and environmental requirements of our industry.

At PROD’HYG our overriding goal is to provide inventive solutions for the cosmetics industry through a responsible approach:
  • Favoring the use of agricultural and sustainable resources
  • Focusing our research on products of plant origin and striving to offer substitutes to products of animal and petroleum origin
  • Developing high value-added products
We offer a broad and varied range to meet the different needs of formulators: emulsifiers, texturizing agents, butters, waxes, plant oils, esters, fatty acids and alcohols, water-soluble oils, and more.


Extraction botanique
As a specialist in plant extraction for more than 20 years, PROD’HYG has continuously improved its extraction processes by making them more efficient while seeking to limit their environmental impact.

Our expertise is recognized the world over and the quality of our extracts has been instrumental to the success of many finished products in the cosmetics market. We strive to perfect our methods and increase our offering by working with all types of plants.

In addition to securing more than 800 plant references, PROD’HYG offers a wide selection of solvents and preservatives so our customized extracts are sure to meet consumers’ expectations.

Our range includes both simple extracts and titrated extracts, as well as synergistic mixtures. Using different types of filters and different purification processes, we filter all our extracts at 0.2 μm and check them in-house to ensure high standards of purity.
Range of solvents available
Gamme de solvant

to order

Because we listen closely to our customers’ needs, we are able to offer sourcing to specification if there is a particular requirement.
Thanks to our international expertise and longterm agricultural partnerships, we can execute sourcing on your behalf using three approaches:
  • Search by plant name:
Do you know exactly which plant you need? If you give us the plant’s Latin name or common name, we can directly target the specific species required.
  • Search by location:
Do you have a marketing need focusing on a specific geographical area for a product, or even a full range of products? We concentrate our search around this zone and suggest a selection of several plants endemic to this region.
  • Search by activity:
Do you need a plant for a specific activity or claim? We undertake extensive bibliographic research, then suggest a choice of plants that could satisfy the specified claims.
Sourcing à façon