Launches | 4 September 2023
The team is proud to receive for the third time in a row the best Ecovadis Possible Award. This year, on the environmental level, we focused on achieving a scopes 1,2 & 3 Carbon Footprint with all Prod'hyg teams contribution.

Launches | 28 August 2023
The second edition of  I FEEL GOOD Paris Show will take place on Sept. 19th & 20th.
We will be pleased to welcome you on Prod'Hyg 204 boothand present you our new ingredients. In order to ensure the most efficient meeting on the booth, you can book the time that best suits you at
Booth F81
Launches | 20 March 2023
IN COSMETICS 2023<br />Booth F81
Come and meet us on Booth F81, we will be more than happy to present our "So French" new formulation guide with local, traceable and french ingredients.
"SO FRENCH" formulation guide
French, local & traceable ingredients.
Launches | 20 March 2023
&quot;SO FRENCH&quot; formulation guide<br />French, local &amp; traceable ingredients.
Need to offer responsible cosmeticsto your customers ? Want to comply with newtransparency rules ? You promote local sourcing
You will find the cosmetic ingredients you need in our new formulation guide : "SO French".
Access the "So French" guide by clicking Here
Meet us on IN COSMETICS 2023 in Barcelona, Booth F81, for a detailed presentation of this new guide.
COSMET'AGORA 2023 - Jan 10th & 11th
Hair Care Catalog 
Launches | 4 January 2023
COSMET&#39;AGORA 2023 - Jan 10th &amp; 11th<br />Hair Care Catalog&nbsp;
We are looking forward to meeting you on the 86-87 Booth and to introduce you to our  Hair Care Ingredients & Formulas.

Download the Hair Care catalog 

COSMETIC 360 - Oct 2022 - DD 68 Booth
Launches | 6 October 2022
COSMETIC 360 - Oct 2022 - DD 68 Booth
Come and meet us on DD68 Booth!
Come and let us introduce the Prodh'Hyg ingredients that will suit your "FEEL GOOD" cosmetic formulas ! 
Click here to Download the "Feel Good" ingredients Guide
New Show in Paris : "I FEEL GOOD" !
Launches | 12 September 2022
New Show in Paris : &quot;I FEEL GOOD&quot; !
We are pleased to welcome you on September 22nd and 23rd, onBooth 305.

PROD'HYG' ACTIVES - Organic Kigeline® - In Vivo Tests
Launches | 23 November 2020
PROD&#39;HYG&#39; ACTIVES - Organic Kigeline&reg; - In Vivo Tests
The latest In-vivo tests carried out on Kigeline® Bio demonstrate : 

⇒ Wrinckles reduction : 8,2 %
⇒ Firmness : +10,3 %  
⇒ Elasticity : +6,5 % 
Find out more about our KIGELIA AFRICANA extract properties by  clicking here
Contact us : / +33 (1).

New test on Prodhygem® O2 

Launches | 27 March 2019
<p>New test on Prodhygem&reg; O2&nbsp;<o:p></o:p></p>
Laboratoires Prod'Hyg present some new tests for their active ingredient, Prodhygem® O2, a blackcurrant bud hydro-glycerinated extract. This ingredient acts like a real anti-ageing and anti-pollution shield (anti-free radicals, anti-blue light), and is also a real energy booster for cells.
Indeed, Prodhygem® O2 has shown a positive impact on fibroblasts contractile forces, collagen synthesis and G6PDH production, and boosts the enzymes of our natural antioxidant mechanism. It also acts on mitochondria, as it can increase ATP production and cellular breathing. Some in vivo tests have also been conducted on radiance and skin firming to confirm the mechanism of this active ingredient in reducing the visible signs of ageing, showing results after 28 days.