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Technical and chemical know-howExtracting added valueBase of herbal and plant oils


PROD’HYG specializes in finding the ingredient that makes the difference! Are you seeking an original texture? A specific active ingredient? A customized extract? A formula that tackles an issue you’re having? PROD’HYG finds the right solution for you, with exclusive ingredients tailored to your needs.

We hear you

At PROD’HYG we listen carefully to your needs and expectations so we can develop our ingredients ongoingly and come up with the right solutions. PROD’HYG offers:
  • Indepth technology and marketing watch
  • Sourcing to order
  • Customized formulation

We take care
of you

At PROD’HYG we take wellbeing very seriously – both for our clients and partners, and for consumers. Taking care:
  • Of you, our clients – so you can launch high quality products on the market while effectively differentiating yourselves from your competitors, using tailor-made ingredients we develop for you.
  • Of you, our partners – by committing to a relationship for the long term built on trust and transparency, and through involvement with regulatory bodies such as UEBT.
  • Of us all, as consumers – with high value-added ingredients of proven effectiveness, with a responsible environmental footprint.

Beside you every step
of the way

Every day, PROD’HYG brings you the expertise you need, with:
  • A dedicated contact person to guarantee customized service and an instant response
  • Guidance in your choice of products
  • Samples sent out in under 48 hours
  • Formulation support
  • A reliable supply structure

Share our commitment!

We are working to make our approach more responsible, equitable and community-focused with every passing day.
PROD’HYG is improving the environmental impact and traceability of its supply lines through painstakingly specialized and responsive sourcing.

The solid relationships our experts have built with suppliers worldwide are founded on partnership and knowledge sharing, so we can guarantee the consistent, longterm supply and availability of products. Our approach also encompasses engagement with UEBT and RSPO, alongside internal CSR processes.


Product promise

Promesse produit
Quality, proven effectiveness and genuine added value for your formulas – that’s what PROD’HYG guarantees you.

Reliable supplies

Pérennité des flux
PROD’HYG takes a longterm view in terms of its sourcing. This ensures consistency of supply and availability of supplies at all times, for very specific ingredients as well as for commodities.

Stable prices

Stabilité des prix
Because of the relationships of trust we have built with our suppliers and our experience gained over more than 70 years in business, PROD’HYG guarantees great price stability for your products.


La qualité
PROD’HYG promises you consistent quality in its products thanks to an in-house quality control lab. We are able to monitor our entire supply chain and production process.

The right volumes

La juste quantité
So as to satisfy your expectations as far as possible while limiting our ecological impact, PROD’HYG is committed to offering minimum order volumes that meet your precise requirements.

Fresh products

Fraîcheur des produits
Our “to order” production policy enables PROD’HYG to guarantee the freshness of its products.

RSE commitments

3 hives at Prod'Hyg

3 hives at Prod'Hyg
As part of our environmental policy, we partnered with Apiterra to set up 3 hives in Houdan, located in the Yvelines.
This approach is in line with our commitment of biodiversity respect, through our adhesion to UEBT association.

Allanblackia butter

Allanblackia butter
Our specific sourcing of allanblackia butter in Tanzania is in line with the UEBT approach, responsible and sustainable chain.

Kukui and macadamia oils

Kukui and macadamia oils
We have a local sourcing of kukui and macadamia oils in Hawaii.

Our supportive recycling of waste

Our supportive recycling of waste
Our partnership with the company CEDRE enables us to encourage people with disabilities work.

& Certification


PROD’HYG is an active member of several trade associations.
Our memberships enable us to take part in driving forward our industry and global regulation.
We keep our fingers on the pulse of the changing marketplace in the interests of our customers.
European organization for cosmetic ingredients services and industries. Member of the council and the executive committee.
An organization uniting companies involved in the field of cosmetic ingredients and determined to shape the future regulatory bodies and partners of the cosmetic industry.
The botanical Alliance
Natural cosmetics supply chain.
A research association involved in the supply chain that draws up guidance on promoting plant quality and safety in use.
Cosmetic Valley
World-leading cosmetics and perfumery business cluster.
A French organization supporting manufacturers in the cosmetics sector, from perfumery to commercial development (network management and support for export development for SMEs, etc.) and improving their competitiveness (implementation of innovation research projects).
The association “Union for Ethical BioTrade” promotes "Sourcing with Respect” of ingredients that come from biodiversity. Ethical BioTrade advances sustainable business growth, local development and biodiversity conservation.

Certifications & compliance

We sell certified ingredients that comply with organic cosmetics standards.
We are also committed to using sustainable palm oil and derivatives.



The PROD'HYG Laboratories were founded.
It all began in the basement of a townhouse in Ville d'Avray.
A 1940s-style small truck trundled around supplying drugstores and small-scale customers with emulsifying bases, and bases for soap and lipsticks.
Operations transferred to a factory in Coignières.
Manufacturing brought in-house. New role as French distributor for companies like Henkel.
Business expands.
Acquisition of Leticc
Plant extraction reinforced
Development of international exports
Factory and offices built at Houdan
R&D operations reinforced
Formulation brought in-house
Organic certification
PROD’HYG Laboratories and Leticc brought together
Change of visual identity
ECO Certifications
New labels
Prod'Hyg - Leticc - Certifications ECO